Compassionate Flow Online Immersion
with Adam Hocke

Do you have the tools to deliver the classes you want to teach? Do you need to reconnect to your passion?
For teachers and trainees.

Fri 21st May 2021 ~ 6pm to 7:30pm (90mins)
Sat 22nd May 2021 ~ 9am to 10:30am (90mins)
Sat 22nd May 2021 ~ 6pm to 7:30pm (90mins)
Sun 23rd May 2021 ~ 9am to 10:30am (90mins)
Sun 23rd May 2021 ~ 11am to 12:30pm (90mins)
Sun 23rd May 2021 ~ 6pm to 7:30pm (90mins)

Cost £195.

An online weekend immersion co-taught by Adam Hocke and Naomi Annand will help you develop compassionate and thoughtful teaching practices that align you with your passion and connect you more deeply to your students’ diverse needs.

This will include beyond-the-basic sequencing structures and teachable content for breath, compassion, and self-care. The immersion will be a combination of live and pre-recorded content you can practice on demand over a period of 30 days.

There will be two live practices and four live interactive discussions. Special guest Dr. Chantell Douglas will provide up-to-date research on the science of compassion and how to integrate it into your teaching and practice of yoga.


15 Hours (7.5 hours pre-recorded and on demand from 14 May)

Live on Zoom Schedule:

(Subject to Change – Times local to London, UK)

Friday: 6-7.30pm – Discussion and Q&A

Saturday: 9-10.30am – Practice

Saturday: 6-7.30pm – Discussion and Q&A

Sunday: 9-10.30 – Practice

Sunday: 11-12.30 – Lecture, Practice, and Discussion

Sunday: 6-7.30pm – Discussion and Q&A

All live content will be recorded and available on-demand

Who is it for:

Teachers of all levels, advanced students



Course Content :

Day One:

Pause and Breathe: Refine and Revolutionise How You Use Breath in Your Flow Class

Will Include:

* Go-to breath practices and how to teach them

* Sequencing for breath in flow classes

* A new approach to sun salutations and flow

Day Two:

Practical Self-Care: Integrate Self-Massage and Restorative into your Practice and Teaching

Will include:

* Go-to restorative and self-massage sequences and how to teach them

* Flow and restore sequencing for anxiety and depression

* Yoga Nidra practice and how to teach it

Day Three:

Compassion-based Instruction: Refining Language, Touch, Intensity, and Intention

Will include:

* Top-learnings from the science of compassion and how to use them with Dr. Chantell Douglas

* Sequencing for compassion

* A new approach to manual adjustments

Bonus Content:

* Holding Space 60-minute mini-course

* Downloadable meditations

* Sequencing templates

* Yoga Nidra template

About Adam :

Adam Hocke teaches precise, strong, and compassionate yoga classes that blend contemporary understandings of movement and mindfulness with the traditions of yoga. Adam’s practical and joyful approach to embodiment supports the development of students and teachers across the world. He leads in-person and online teacher trainings, workshops, and immersions and offers comprehensive home practice resources through his Yoga with Adam podcast and streaming classes for Movement for Modern Life. Adam’s teaching has been featured in The Guardian, Huffington Post, Yogaland and numerous publications and podcasts. He has trained with his teacher Jason Crandell since 2010. More at

About Naomi:

Naomi Annand has been teaching yoga full time since 2002. Over this time she has developed a deeply compassionate style of teaching that emphasises the therapeutic benefits of yoga and also its potential to uplift and inspire. In 2012, she set up Yoga on the Lane with the intention of creating a dynamic community of teachers and students united by their commitment to practicing mindful, breath-led, vinyasa yoga. And then, in 2015, she designed the 200hr Yoga on the Lane Teacher Training Programme, which has set more than fifty brilliant new teachers off on their own paths. In October 2019 her first book, Yoga: A Manual for Life has been published by Bloomsbury, and is currently being translated into four other languages.

Practical Stuff:

You'll get a Welcome Email at the beginning of May with more information and a link to register for the online portal (beginning 14th May).

Access to course material will be available until 30 days after the course finishes.

Zoom links will be sent via email and will be listed in the online portal.

To Watch & Listen:

YouTube : Watch Compassionate Flow with Adam and Naomi -


YouTube : Watch Yoga Tools for Self-Care and Self-Compassion with Adam and Naomi -


YogaLand Podcast :