Emergency First Aid at Work Day

with Alan Willetts

  Mon 5 Feb 2024




Keep your certification updated.
A practical day giving you the skills and confidence in an emergency.

- £75 -

About the class

Open to everyone, no need to be a yoga teacher.

Welcome to our Emergency First Aid at Work day with First Aid training specialist Alan Willetts.

The content involves an amount of practical activity either simulating casualties or administering First Aid. You should therefore be able to kneel and lie down etc with ease. The performance of resuscitation can be physically demanding and may need to be performed for a period of many minutes in real life. Providing you are of average fitness this should not present any major problems.

In view of the fact that you will be simulating unconsciousness and being treated for various injuries we would ask everyone to wear some form of trousers if at all possible, and all delegates to wear casual clothing.

Included in the training is information on various life-threatening problems that you may be faced with in the workplace. These include unconsciousness, dealing with breathing and heart failure, severe blood loss, choking, first aid kits, and basic regulations.

You must attend the whole day of instruction. Anyone that is late arriving or leaves early can't receive certification. The day starts promptly at 9.00 a.m. and finishes at 4.30 p.m.

There is no need for you to take notes on the day, as you will receive a booklet containing all relevant information. We would advise that you keep this booklet safe and use it to refresh your memory from time to time following the course.

Everyone that shows competence in delivering Emergency Aid will receive an Emergency First Aid at Work certificate which is valid for three years. This certificate is issued by First Aid Training Specialists who are approved to deliver First Aid in the workplace training by the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) certificate of approval number 1300/93(068).

Please help yourself to herbal tea and water in the studio kitchen. There is a small fridge for you to keep your lunch. Shops for coffee and food are within minutes walking distance.

Covid :

Please hand sanitise or wash your hands on arrival at the studio. Windows will be periodically opened for ventilation. Wear, warm comfortable layers that you can move freely in.

There are some sections of the course where we'll work with a partner, i.e. Recovery Position / bandaging where you may prefer masks are worn due to the closer proximity.

The Day :

9.00 to 10:40

* Course welcome and introductions

* Basic regulations for workplace first aid and introducing your role

* Initial assessment of apparently unconscious casualties

* Completing the assessment of an unconscious adult

* Introducing Chest Compressions

10.40 to 10:55


10.55 to 12:30

* Introducing Rescue Breathing and dealing with an adult not breathing normally

* Differences in resuscitation for children and babies

* Recovery position and care of an unconscious breathing casualty

* Discussion on the use of resuscitation barriers during Rescue Breathing

* Discussion on heart attacks. Basic recognition and treatment

* The use of Automated External Defibrillators

12.30 to 13:00


13.00 to 14:40

* Introduction to basic treatment of bleeding

* Application of sterile dressings – general

* Recognition and treatment of shock

* First Aid box contents and basic record keeping

* Discussion on epilepsy and seizures. Basic recognition and treatment Recognition and treatment of soft tissue and bone injury

14.40 to 14:55


14:55 to 16:30

* Recognition and treatment of concussion following head injury

* Choking, recognition and treatment

* Burns, background, recognition and treatment


Course closure

Throughout the day there will be opportunities to ask related questions, along with short revision activities to reinforce earlier subjects at the discretion of the Trainer.

Any questions :

* Please note Workshops will be refunded only if we can find someone to take your place. Obviously we will take account of exceptional circumstances - please contact reception at and we’ll be happy to help *