Yoga & Pelvic Floor Immersion
with Charlie Speller

Pelvic floor issues are rife. Learn the most up to date information for optimal wellbeing for your students.

Thu 24th Mar 2022 ~ 1pm to 5pm (4hrs)
Fri 25th Mar 2022 ~ 10am to 5pm (7hrs)

Cost £210.

Pelvic floor issues are rife in the 21st century across (mostly) adults of all ages and genders.

While largely seen as a physiological issue, pelvic floor disfunction can also be emotionally debilitating. The main issue in the yoga room is that it’s a topic that is often too embarrassing to share with a yoga teacher, and so is uncared for. This course focuses mainly on vulva anatomy.

Yoga can be positively transformative for people suffering from organ prolapse, stress incontinence, pelvic floor pain etc AND yoga can unknowingly exacerbate those conditions. You will learn the most up-to-date anatomical information and be equipped to be able contribute to the optimal pelvic well-being of your clients and students.

Training Curriculum

— The anatomy and emotion of the pelvic floor

— Some of the contributing factors to pelvic floor disfunction on and off the yoga mat

— The relevance of yoga for pelvic floor health and pelvic floor rehabilitation

— Asana practices and pose modifications for optimal pelvic floor health and conditions such as organ prolapse and stress incontinence

— Intent setting and sequencing

Who can attend?

Yoga teachers, yoga practitioners wanting to learn more about their own pelvic health, personal trainers, exercise professionals.


Supporter Price £210 (please use the book button on this page)

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About Charlie:

~ Forrest Yoga Guardian

~ Poppy Perinatal Yoga Teacher Trainer

~ Senior Teacher, Yoga Alliance Prof.

~ Bodyworker

~ Shamanic Healer

~ Business Woman

~ Mama

I'm a multi-disciplinary practitioner. I uniquely combine my skills to help people feel empowered to take ownership of their own well-being — physical, emotional, Spiritual.

My specialism is pelvic health — education, deep connection, scar tissue remediation, prenatal/postnatal yoga and movement for optimal pelvic function.

I am fascinated by and passionate about all things pelvis-related. As a Poppy Perinatal teacher trainer and pelvic health educator, I prioritise the interconnections between pelvic function (biomechanics), health (biochemistry) and the deep magick of the pelvis in my teaching. When interwoven, these elements make up the biomagickal pelvis — a term I've created to describe the power and potential held in the pelvis.

My passion for pelvic health arose from my own pregnancy loss, subsequent full-term pregnancy, giving birth and postpartum recovery. I have had the honour and pleasure to study with top practitioners in this field — Catherine Allen, Dr Kathy Dooley, Christine Kent and Dr Ellen Heed who is my mentor for Scar Tissue Remediation and Management (STREAM).

I regularly work with clients with pelvic organ prolapse, stress incontinence, post-birth scarring and other pelvic floor complications. Our work together empowers them to heal their physical and emotional bodies naturally (yes — naturally!).

What to bring:

Bring your yoga mat, blanket and water bottle. Wear warm layers as the studios windows will be ajar.