Yoga Alignment : Myths, Misconceptions, and Missed Opportunities (2022 Edition) Workshop
with Adam Hocke

Is there a right and wrong way to do a pose? Are you confused by conflicting alignment cues?
For teachers and trainees.

Sat 22nd Oct 2022 ~ 1:30pm to 4:30pm (3hrs)

Cost £45.

In this newly updated and expanded workshop, you will learn how to practise and teach yoga asana informed by contemporary understanding of alignment and anatomy, applied to your unique body and intentions. We will learn how to avoid confusion on the mat and experience the exciting possibilities that emerge when we let go of alignment absolutes and yoga dogma.

For : teachers, teacher trainees and inquisitive students.

Through an experiential practice, discussion, and interactive Q&A we will learn:

* how to open up new alignment options for the most common of poses such as downward-facing dog, triangle pose, revolved triangle pose, wheel pose, and other confusing favourites

* how to practise and teach with adaptable anchors of stability and alignment from which range of motion and individual pose expression can be explored

* how to explore the intentions of postures, and methods to work with internal and external goals

About Adam :

Adam Hocke teaches precise, strong, and compassionate yoga classes that blend contemporary understandings of movement and mindfulness with the traditions of yoga.

Adam’s practical and joyful approach to embodiment supports the development of students and teachers across the world. He leads in-person and online teacher trainings, workshops, and immersions and offers comprehensive home practice resources through his Yoga with Adam podcast and streaming classes for Movement for Modern Life.

In London, his beginner courses, weekly classes, and workshops have begun and inspired the yoga journeys of thousands of students. Corporate clients have included top banks, creative agencies, law firms, and high-profile technology companies.

Adam’s teaching has been featured in The Guardian, Huffington Post, Yogaland and numerous publications and podcasts. He holds a BFA (2002) and MA (2008) from New York University, where he was awarded the Newington-Cropsey Fellowship for emerging artists and scholars.

He has trained with his teacher Jason Crandell since 2010.

Practical stuff :

Please bring your own yoga mat. You are very welcome to bring your own props or we have blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps at the studio. Wear warm layers.