Advanced Anatomy and Physiology Workshop

A course with Ian Davis

  Started Sat 25 Nov


Understanding a little more of what impact yoga actually has on the physical side of things.
For teachers and trainees.

Sat 25th Nov 2023 ~ 9am to 6pm (9hrs)
Sun 26th Nov 2023 ~ 9am to 6pm (9hrs)

- £145 -

About the class

We spend our classes working peoples minds and bodies.

This weekend is about understanding a little more of what impact that work actually has on the physical side of things. What does getting stronger actually mean for example? And how does it happen?

We’ll skim over the basics so that you can fill in any gaps and then we’ll deepen those things so that hopefully your understanding can serve you and your students more.

How muscles get stronger. How we use slow twitch and fast twitch muscles differently in the body. Understanding what effects our energy. The difference between strength and stamina. And learning to create more stability in the body.

Whilst we’re here in anatomy land we’ll also spend a day talking the anatomy of breathing with Adrian Stokes. The Hatha yoga pradipika says breathing can cure any illness. I’m not sure about the boldness of that claim, but I would definitely argue that good health is difficult without good breathing.

Plus there will be some yoga, some cake, some chatting - some tea too. A shared meal on Sunday lunchtime if you’d like to bring something for the 'table'.

And as always, done in the company of lovely people.

This course has already begun.