Rasa Yoga Workshop : Air

with Annet Richards-Binns

  Sun 10 Mar




Uplift, flow and soar in a light-hearted and joyful workshop to harness energy and feel alive.

- £15 -

About the class

Everyone welcome.

This Workshop :

Embody the qualities of the air element ~ lightness of being and expansiveness, in this light hearted and joyful workshop.

Air, invisible but tangible, is the powerful life force, the flow of purifying prana, circulating through your body.

The air element is responsible for each and every movement of your body and everything that moves is moved by air.

Air links to our breath and the heart ‘anahata’ chakra in the chest & upper back. The breath supports and directs the flow of Prana, the life force in your body.

Harness this energy of motion as we creatively move with yoga asanas that includes stimulating the upper thoracic region and the heart space. Freshen up yourself with chest & shoulder openers and backbends.

Rasa Yoga :

weaves together asana, mantra, mudra, pranayama, meditation & tantric philosophy. Connecting heart, breath and alignment, this creative practice guides you to awaken the mind, body & soul.

Please Bring :

a journal/ notebook

your yoga mat

warm layers

Join Annet :

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About Annet :

Annet Richards-Binns is deeply motivated about Yoga and her yoga practice. She was awakened to the potency of Hatha Yoga as a teenager in Jamaica and she kept that light shining brightly in her, developing her practice and knowledge as she realised that she would love to deepen her practice, teach and share what she knows about Yoga!

Annet became a Yoga Alliance-registered teacher in 2016, training with OrangeYoga. She thrives on the integrated practices of Yoga and also enjoys weaving the spirit of play, self-care and creative expression into her work. She is dedicated to helping people flourish with their Well-Being, and feel connected to themselves and others, through Yoga.

‘I want people to know and see and feel inside their bodies and minds the magic and wisdom of Yoga’

As a dedicated student, she is excited about deepening her practices and refining her teachings and is currently continuing advanced studies, embracing modern Yoga tethered to the ancient teachings.

* Please note Workshops will be refunded only if we can find someone to take your place. Obviously we will take account of exceptional circumstances - please contact reception at and we’ll be happy to help *