Revelations of Breath and Balance Sat PM

with Jambo Dragon

  Sat 4 May




Working and playing with breath and balance - breath work and pranayama.

- £60 -

About the class

Join Jambo to enjoy an afternoon of working and playing with breath and balance.

There are numerous yoga practices that are often overlooked, including pranayama and meditation. With the ongoing growth of yoga, it's possible to become uncertain about the true essence of the practice. Have you ever felt anxious about your place within the yoga community throughout these changes?

There will be a range of workshops and play-shops available to delve into the newly developed branches of yoga. These sessions will allow us to become more self-assured and empowered as yoga practitioners.

* Sat PM : Breath Work and Pranayama

Explore the difference between 'Breath Work' and 'Pranayama'.

Although 'Breath Work' is a translation from Chinese 'Qi Gong', both practices have roots in traditional yoga and pranayama. As a yoga practitioner, it is important to understand that we are essentially breath work practitioners due to the nature of pranayama practices.

This class will focus on two pranayama sequences that have been studied for their benefits, as described in traditional yoga texts. The first sequence has been shown to aid in managing anxiety and improving concentration. The second sequence is particularly popular among those who practice manifestation work.

About Jambo :

Jambo frequently travels teaching workshops based on Forrest Yoga, Functional Anatomy and Native practises of the Medicine People. He is also an experienced bodyworker and bodywork teacher based on his multi-disciplinary practise of structural alignment, muscles testing and classical East Asian medicine.

​As a Forrest Yoga Guardian and travelling assistant to Ana Forrest, he is committed to delivering the healing practise of Forrest Yoga in its most authentic form. He supplements asana workshops with sessions on functional anatomy, neuro-science, applied kinesiology and structural bodywork.

He believes that the foundation for physical and emotional growth walk side by side. The yoga mat is a safe arena to explore the areas we are working towards as well as the places we are afraid to meet. This safe space is deliberately generated so that we can walk with full integration. All of our gifts and the shadows that we need to snuggle up to.

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