Strong and Mobile Hips

with Susanne Lahusen

  Sat 2 Dec 2023




Anatomy, latest research and lots of practical ideas.
For teachers (and interested students).

- £35 -

About the class

We want our hips to be more open, more stable, resilient… the list is endless. No two hips joints are exactly the same, and it is often difficult to know what we really need, and what is the best approach for our own individual hips to be functioning optimally.

What we hear and read can be so confusing: do we need more stretching, more strengthening, what activities are recommended for certain conditions, and what should some of us modify or do less of? What does ‘hip opening’ actually mean? How might our breathing patterns and the way we use the rest of our body affect the stability and freedom of the hip joints?

The workshop will cover some basic anatomy, things that might go wrong with our hips, and most importantly a summary of recent research that is likely to change how we practice yoga and how we treat our hips in exercise, sports and everyday life. Some conditions and treatments covered include tightness, lack of strength, arthritis and some basic considerations for hip replacements.

At least half of the time will be given to practical work: somatic explorations as well as specific exercises and ways to adapt postures and movements for our hips to be happy.

There will be slides and detailed hand-outs.

The workshop is for all interested yoga practitioners, teachers and student teachers.

About Susanne :

Susanne has been teaching yoga since the early 1990’s. Her own practice started with Ashtanga, Iyengar and Scaravelli yoga. She gradually began to evolve her unique style of teaching vinyasa flow classes based on somatic principles as well as addressing current research in anatomy and biomechanics.

Susanne holds a Yogacampus level 2 teaching qualification accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga. She also has a BSc in Movement Studies and Sports Science, an MA in Dance, and advanced certification in Pilates, fitness, gyrotonic, and The Alexander Technique. In addition, she has attended many courses on movement improvisation, Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centring, breath work and myofascial techniques. Susanne previously ran a Pilates Foundation teacher training course, and, for many years, has taught at London Contemporary Dance School, and previously at the Circus Space and Trinity Laban.

She is a teacher for experiential anatomy and sequencing on the Yogacampus Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Diploma courses, as well as giving classes at The Life Centre. In recent years, she has run many workshops: on yoga as a somatic practice, on hypermobility, and how to include more dynamic stability into yoga, as well as on the art of sequencing.

Her teaching philosophy is to respect individual variations and solutions, whilst encouraging personal challenges and continuous growth and learning.

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