108 Sun Salutations Winter Solstice

with Isabelle Watton

  Fri 22 Dec 2023




A powerful, moving meditation for the Winter Solstice.

Free to everyone.

About the class

A bit of a yoga tradition (and certainly an OrangeYoga one). Come and celebrate the shortest day of the year with 108 sun salutes.

The solstice is a time of transformation and change to the yogi’s and Ayurveda. So these simple sun salute A’s are slow and steady to create a challenging, meditative and heating practice to stoke that fire.

These sessions always have an incredible energy. And 108 sun salutes is a lot more doable than you think it is.

It doesn't matter if you can't do all 108, it's the intention of your practice that matters. The energy from the room will take you further than you think and you can rest down when you need to.

In Studio 2 with Isabelle Watton.

Join us after for curry supper picnic style in Studio 1 - head to to see page to book a space.

Bring your mat, a blanket and your water bottle. Wear warm layers.