The Source

A course with John Stirk

  Starts Fri 14 Jun


A rare chance to work with this incredible teacher.
For teachers and trainees.

Fri 14th Jun 2024 ~ 6pm to 9pm (3hrs)
Sat 15th Jun 2024 ~ 10am to 1pm (3hrs)

- £100 -

About the class

A rare chance to work with this incredible teacher.

For teachers, teacher trainees and anyone who has a serious interest in this way of exploring and working with the body-mind.

As we "reach in" to our bodies and ourselves we enter into an energised, transformative space waiting to be awakened. This space -- which we call The Source -- represents a fundamental origin of intelligence, a source where the alchemy of insight occurs.

Experience shows that this awakened source is prolific in the group setting when group energy and awareness pervades the space between us. As we open the group field together, we will be reminded that transformation is not that far away as conditioned patterns dissolve.

This workshop engages physical sensation to invite change on all levels. Using simple exercises that harness the pull of the earth, silence, energy and our sense of totality we will deepen our understanding and celebrate the indivisibility and power of our ultimate re-source.

‘Magic is the ability to change consciousness at will’ (Dion Fortune)

This workshop is open to everybody.

John Stirk is a yoga teacher and author with a background in osteopathy. He has been teaching and running courses for more than 40 years in the UK and internationally. He has published several books, notably The Original Body, Primal movement for Yoga Teachers, (2015) and Deeper Still, Authentic Embodiment for Yoga Teachers (2021).

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