Muscles in Focus

A course with Ian Davis

  Starts Sat 18 Jan 2025


Which muscles as teachers should we focus on and why and how we can make a difference to our students.
For teachers and trainees.

Sat 18th Jan 2025 ~ 9am to 6pm (9hrs)
Sun 19th Jan 2025 ~ 9am to 6pm (9hrs)

- £145 -

You can pay by instalments if it's easier - £33 deposit + 7 payments of £16.

About the class

Yoga works brilliantly right through the body and should touch all of our muscles from quads to cardiac.

Some are real problem areas for our students, so we will take a look at those to understand why and have a plan for how we can make a difference in them. Particularly glutes, serratus, psoas, transverse abdominus and pelvic floor. And we'll look at, how we as teachers can see what’s going on under the skin.

Plus there will be some yoga, some cake, some chatting - some tea too. A shared picnic meal on Sunday lunchtime if you’d like to bring something for the 'table'.

And as always, done in the company of lovely people.

About Ian :

Ian has been a student and teacher of Yoga for 21 years. His passion for yoga started with his first yoga class. Inspired, he went on to qualify with David Swenson and then qualified with both the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance and has continued to train, learn, practice and read every day.

He teaches because he loves it.