Kundalini Yoga Workshop

with Geet Navjot Kaur

  Sat 29 Jun




An afternoon of Kundalini - scientifically proven to help change, rearrange and uplift you in so many ways!

- £20 -

About the class

Kundalini Yoga is a profound technology which is scientifically proven to help change, rearrange and uplift us in so many ways!

It's a personal experience, which strengthens our relationship to ourselves. Through this wonderful and ancient practice we expand and stretch not only our bodies, but also our minds, where we unite our individual consciousness to the infinite consciousness.

There are many shifts and changes happening in the world around us, but if we can strengthen our own centre, inner connection, nervous system, body and mind we are then better 'equipped' to face these challenges.

Join Geet for a healing and uplifting afternoon of Kundalini, where you’ll be guided through a breathing practice, a kriya ( a set of exercises designed to poke, provoke and raise your vibration). We’ll round off the practice with a deep relaxation and meditation.

Wear warm layers and bring your yoga mat.

*** Please note Workshops will be refunded only if we can find someone to take your place. Obviously we will take account of exceptional circumstances. If you have chosen to pay in instalments, payments to completion will still be due. Please contact reception at and we’ll be happy to help.