Getting Comfortable with Hands On

A course with Aram Raffy

  Starts Fri 19 Apr


Help your students to move deeper in their practice with the right kind of adjustments in the right situations.
For teachers and trainees.

Fri 19th Apr 2024 ~ 6pm to 9pm (3hrs)
Sat 20th Apr 2024 ~ 10am to 12:30pm (2½hrs)
Sat 20th Apr 2024 ~ 1:30pm to 4pm (2½hrs)

- £150 -

You can pay by instalments if it's easier - £100 deposit + 1 payments of £50.

About the class

We are tactile creatures. A lack of touch over the past few years of isolation and repeated lockdowns has had a profound effect.

Touch is a powerful tool. A mindful adjustment, or the right assist, can deeply transform the experience, and the understanding, of a Yoga posture for the practitioner.

We will follow the bio-mechanical and energetic aspects of the body in both static postures and dynamic transitions from posture to posture. This course is designed to allow you to safely, mindfully and confidently help your students to move deeper in their practice with the right kind of adjustments in the right situations.

This course is designed for teachers, but is suitable for regular practitioners who wish to understand and evolve their ability to help others in their practice through touch.


Sessions will involve theory, demonstration, discussions and plenty of practice.

Overview of course content:


- The nature of Touch: Qualities, Sensitivity, Techniques

- Ethics: Consent, developing the teacher-student relationship

- When and why to adjust or assist

- Understanding anatomy and alignment

- Verbal adjustments

- Physical and energetic mechanics of adjustments

- Use of props / the teacher as a prop

-Adjusting yourself

- Adjustments for beginners

- Adjusting the individual - special cases, conditions and injuries

- Adjusting and assisting dynamically

- Adjusting with the breath

- Protecting yourself when adjusting

Within the structure of the programme we will break down and look at the following groups of postures and associated adjustments:

- Standing Poses

- Balances

- Twists

- Forward bends

- Back bends

- Inversions

- Moving dynamically in Surya-Namaskara

- Savasana and relaxation

About Aram :

A native Londoner, Aram teaches locally and internationally to students and practitioners from all walks of life.

His nature is generous, encouraging and he seeks to help all students to harness their deeper potential.

Yoga for upliftment!

Aram is eternally grateful to many great influences and teachers in his life: Yogacharya Krishnamacharya, BKS Iyengar, T K V Desikachar, Stewart Gilchrist, Doug Swenson, Carlos Villanueva-Brandt, Alan Watts, Terry Gilliam, Guy Debord, J. Krishnamurti, Richard Pryor, Ramana Maharshi and so many more.

Aram is a registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

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Cancellations -

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