Restorative Yoga Immersion

with Anna Ashby

  Sat 13 Jul




An immersive experience to allow space to explore the rejuvenating power of this style and deeply rest.
For teachers and trainees.

- £55 -

About the class

This Saturday afternoon gathering of teachers offers an immersive experience of Restorative Yoga that allows space and time to explore the rejuvenating power of this style and to deeply rest.

The practice includes stretches that release embedded tension as well as a complete Restorative sequence that embodies stillness and space to shift the nervous system out of ‘fight or flight’ into a deeply felt relaxation response, a much needed support for teachers in their offering to help others find balance.

The immersion will touch on Restorative Yoga’s history, the intention of the practice, and dialogue salient aspects that render a practice restful and rejuvenating from the point of view of nervous system health.

After the practice we will gather as a saṅgha (community) to dialogue challenges and inspiration in our collective endeavour as teachers to share the practices and teachings of our art. This facilitated group dialogue will spotlight a contemporary challenge in teaching and practice selected by the group in order to discover new ways of approaching it.

The afternoon provides time for teachers to engage in slow, contemplative practice which resets the nervous system and encourages self-enquiry providing a basic foundation for further training in a ‘safe’ and respectful learning environment. It also supports the ‘community’ of teachers and the need to feel part of a group united in shared purpose.

All yoga teachers and trainees, as well as professionals in similar movement/healing modalities are welcome.

** Practical Bits **

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Due to the nature of the Crescent Bakery building, it's ideal to wear layers of clothing for cooler / warmer fluctuations.

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