Set Your Intentions for 2025

with Laura Knightly Brown

  Sat 11 Jan 2025




Do you need a little boost to start the year off right? If you feel stuck or unmotivated, this is for you!

- £20 -

About the class

Are you clear and focused about what you want from 2025? Er… no? Then this is the class for you!

January is the time of New Year’s resolutions, but, if we’re not careful, our resolutions can be the same old list of things we feel we ought to do (or not do!) rather than things that truly support our inner desires.

In this workshop we will use our yoga practice to free the body and focus the mind, helping us tune into our core values and what we really want from the year ahead. We will check in with the “why” behind our goals and set intentions that are aligned with the kind of person we want to be.

By the end of the workshop you will have moved your body, had some fun, gained clarity for the year ahead and feel motivated, inspired and ready to take on the rest of 2025!

This class is for everyone who loves yoga and honest self-enquiry 😊.

Please Bring :

- a journal/ notebook and pen

- your yoga mat

- warm layers and water

- an open mind

About Laura

Laura is a yoga teacher and all-round wellbeing enthusiast. She is fascinated by what we can learn from both ancient wisdom and modern science to help us thrive. In addition to continually exploring different approaches to yoga and movement, Laura has completed a number of courses in Positive Psychology (and read half a library of self-development books!). Laura loves yoga for the way it combines some of the core wellness practices - movement, breath-work, meditation and awareness of our mind-set – that enable us to take control of our own health and happiness.


Due to the nature of the Crescent Bakery building, its ideal to wear layers of clothing for cooler / warmer fluctuations.

Cancellations -

Please note Workshops will be refunded only if we can find someone to take your place. Obviously we will take account of exceptional circumstances. If you have chosen to pay in instalments, payments to completion will still be due. Please contact reception at and we’ll be happy to help.