Silent Illumination Practice Day

with Matt Harvey

  Sun 14 Jul




The iconic Zen practice of Silent Illumination, also known as shikantaza or 'just sitting'.

Free to everyone.

About the class

Silent Illumination is a practice which really benefits from extended immersion, and so this day retreat will be an opportunity to go deeper into the practice than is possible on our usual Wednesday evenings.

The practice will be supported by full instructions, talks and optional private interviews, but the primary emphasis will be on creating an environment for us to practise together.

For this retreat, we'll be drawing on the teachings of Zen master Bankei as explored in Matt's new book, Resting in the Unborn. You don't have to have read the book to attend the retreat, but you might find it interesting and complementary to the practice day. It's freely available at Matt's website,

Please bring a light packed lunch to eat at the studio.

This event is currently expected to be IN-PERSON ONLY, but please get in touch if you'd like to attend and can't come in person.

This day retreat is offered on a donation basis. Suggested donations are in the region £20-£40 depending on your means, but no payment is required. Please give within your means - times are hard for everyone.

About Matt :

I've been practising meditation and mindfulness for over a decade now. I have benefitted profoundly in my own life from these practices, and believe passionately in sharing them with others for the benefit of all.

My teacher in the early Buddhist tradition is Leigh Brasington; Leigh authorised me to teach the jhanas in the lineage of Ayya Khema in 2022. My teacher in the Rinzai Zen lineage is Daizan Roshi, with whom I have completed a 200 hour Zen meditation and mindfulness teacher training (a course which is accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association), authorising me to teach meditation both for personal well-being and also for the development of the insight into our true nature which leads to awakening, called kensho or satori in Zen.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch via, or find me on Facebook at